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Redox Molecules

and why they matter.

One of the newest and most important scientific discoveries in health & wellness is likely something you have never heard of, even if you are in the medical field. And that makes our job that much harder. You see there is always a progression of how breakthroughs make their way into public acceptance. 

It starts with The Innovators (2.5%) – the risk takers who immediately see how their lives will improve. Next the Early Adopters who see that the science works (13.5%) – They are the smart ones whose opinion as Influencers is widely sought. Then comes the Early Majority (34%) – Individuals in this category follow and trust the Influencers and see the benefits of the breakthrough. Next to last is the Late Majority (34%) – typically skeptical and negative about any innovation. Last is the Laggards (16%) – these individuals only adapt and adopt when absolutely necessary. So which category are you in? We're looking for more Early Adopters and the start of the Early Majority. Are you willing to spend time to see how this very real, very rare breakthrough can change your health and your life?

What is This Great Breakthrough?

Breakthroughs are Real

In 1998 three scientists won the Nobel Prize for their discovery of what is now called Redox Cell Signaling Molecules. After 1998, scientific researchers took a strong interest in redox signaling and today more than 30,000 peer-reviewed papers have been written supporting its vital function in every major system of the body. Why, because redox signaling molecules activate your antioxidants to work and signal genes in the cell to combat cellular stress, fight off bacteria and viruses and allow the body to heal itself. Cellular stress, especially as we age, is the cause of many incurable chronic diseases and a dimished quality of life. 

Breakthroughs are Rare

In 1962 molecular biologist James Watson was one of three to win the Nobel Prize for their discovery of the double helix structure of the DNA molecule. He has since dedicated himself to Redox Signaling and has asked for billions of dollars in research on this subject. He says that Redox Signaling and the technologies that will come forth from it is more important than his discovery of DNA.  

It wasn't until 2007 that the Atomic Medical Physicist, Dr. Gary Samuelson Phd, stabilized the first redox molecules made outside the human body. These stabilized redox molecules can now replenish what the human body loses every year.

Breakthroughs Change Things

Research is only now starting to understand this implication for human health. But what we know is that as we age the amount of Redox Signaling Molecules produced by our cells diminishes. In fact after puberty we lose about 10% per decade. This is why we see the effects of aging, it is why we see our bodies less able to fight disease, lose weight and have the energy and mental clarity necessary to live an active, healthy life. But now thanks to Dr. Samuelson's discovery we have the ability to replenish the redox molecules that our bodies lose daily.

ASEA Redox Cell Signaling Molecules

ASEA—What is it?

ASEA is trillions of REDOX Cell Signaling Molecules in a 32 ounce bottle. Taken daily it allows you to replenish what your body no longer makes. It is created using a groundbreaking, patented process and is the only source of redox signaling molecules made outside the human body. 

It is unlike any other supplement in that its uniqueness isn’t based on ingredients like herbs, botanicals, exotic fruits and berries, or complex vitamin and mineral formulations. Rather, it's the fact that your body treats ASEA's redox molecules as if it had made them itself. It's 100% safe, non-toxic, non allergenic and replenshes what the body loses with age.  

What does it do?

As we age our cellular function diminishes, and with it, our health and quality of life. This decline also affects the body’s ability to produce and maintain a proper balance of redox signaling molecules. ASEA is the first and only supplement that restores and maintains optimal levels of redox signaling molecules, helping anyone at any age maximize their health and wellness.

Because it works at such a foundational level, ASEA Redox Supplement positively impacts every system of the body, adding support where your body needs it most. Cellular health is, after all, at the foundation of overall health and wellness.

How does ASEA benefit Me?

If I could say this is the fountain of youth put in a bottle and delivered to your door, I would, but the FDA won't let me. What I can say, and my testimony is considered anecdotal evidence, is my body feels like it did before I picked up a few chronic diseases and injuries decades ago.

ASEA doesn't diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, what it does is replenish the lost Redox molecules to aid my body in being more efficient in repairing and healing itself. So on our website when you hear testimonies that "it gave me my life back," count me as one. I'm Rick Fox and this is my testimony.

The Science Behind ASEA

How ASEA Redox Signaling Works

Dr David Silverman is a retired foot Surgeon, former member of the American Podiatric Medical Association, former member of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, former Diplomat American Board of Foot Surgery and former Fellow American College of Foot Surgeons. He has 20 + years in International Holistic Health Education and has a DPM from William M. School College of Podiatric Medicine, Chicago, Illinois and Post-graduate training at New York College of Podiatric Medicine.

"All truth is first ridiculed," "It is then violently opposed," "then finally it is accepted as being self-evident."

Redox Signaling Molecules are absolutely essential to the health of your cells and the health of your body. These molecules play a key role in the vital function of Protect - Detect - Repair and Replace.

The Future of Healthcare is Here!  It's Time For The Next Breakthrough!


Fact #1. The human body makes Redox Signaling Molecules.

Our ability to stay healthy, have more energy and greater vitality relies on how well our cells function. The function of every cell in the body relies on something called redox signaling—cellular messages that help protect, rejuvenate, and restore our cells. Redox signaling is at the forefront of medical research supporting its vital function in every major system of the body. 

Fact #2. ASEA makes Redox Signaling Molecules.

Redox signaling molecules are produced in every cell of the body through natural metabolic processes. Until the 21st century, such biological processes were the only known source of redox signaling molecules. That changed in the early 2000s, when ASEA developed its groundbreaking, patented process to produce redox signaling molecules from refined salt and purified water, the same as our body makes them—making the first and only supplement on the market verified to contain active redox signaling molecules. 

ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement affects health at the genetic level. It is the only redox supplement certified to contain active redox signaling molecules. 

Drinking ASEA REDOX every day is such a simple thing to do, and it enhances the ability of every cell in your body to function correctly, allowing you to experience the vitality of true health and wellness.

ASEA REDOX is produced in an FDA and NSF registered facility and is certified by an independent third-party lab to contain active redox signaling molecules.

BioAgilytix Certified

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Fact #3. Your body uses ASEA's Redox Signaling Molecules as if it had made them.

While most ordinary dietary supplements provide only nutrients the human body does not synthesize, the biological deficiencies caused by aging and cellular breakdown go deeper than just nutrition. As stress, diet, air quality, and other environmental factors cause cellular breakdown over time, the body’s naturally supplied balance of redox signaling molecules is compromised—creating a need for supplemental redox molecules like those found in ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement.

Fact #4. The FDA says ASEA can't make health claims. We don't need to.

The FDA considers drugs unsafe until proven safe and dietary supplements safe until proven unsafe. The FDA treats Dietary Supplements like special foods. They insist on a disclaimer that states this product is not intended to "diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.” The FDA believes this disclaimer is necessary since they have not approved the supplement carrying the label, but believe the supplement to be safe. 

When the FDA approves a drug, the drug manufacturer and pharmacy are required to provide the patient with a list of potential negative side effects. A study in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows the average prescription drug label lists 70 potential side effects, with many of the more commonly prescribed medications listing around 100-such risks. One medication in the study lists 525 potential side effects.

The FDA disclaimer on supplements is really about truth in advertising. It is about not allowing supplement manufacturers and sellers to make false or misleading statements.

As a dietary supplement, ASEA products are not FDA approved but are FDA regulated and made in an FDA approved lab. ASEA cares deeply about following the guidelines set forth by the FDA and always makes sure to stay up to date with any changes in the regulations or manufacturing practices.

Fact #5. ASEA is SAFE with no negative side effects.

Safety and Effectiveness

  1.    Since this is relatively new technology, ASEA’s first priority was to establish their product’s safety. The ASEA safety study was conducted to show that ASEA Redox Cell Signaling Supplement was safe. Participants used the supplement for 12 weeks and reported no adverse effects.
  2.    ASEA has invested in third-party research and spent over $5 million to test ASEA Redox Supplement and the technology behind improving cellular health. All results show that ASEA is safe for human consumption, tissues, organs, and bodily systems.
  3.    As a dietary supplement, ASEA products are not FDA approved but are FDA regulated. ASEA cares deeply about following the guidelines set forth by the FDA and always makes sure to stay up to date with any changes in the regulations or manufacturing practices.
  4.    BioAgilytix Labs, a leading bioanalytical testing lab, has verified the existence of redox signaling molecules in both ASEA Redox Supplement and RENU 28, providing independent third-party scientific validity of the nature of the company’s products.
  5. ASEA never uses animal testing.

ASEA Products

and why they matter.

Be sure to see how the full line of ASEA products can benefit your health and wellness.

business opportunity

Discover how you can make a difference with ASEA

Once you've personally discovered the amazing health benefits of redox supplementation, imagine the business potential you could have by being involved with the company that pioneered it.

ASEA—the only company with a redox supplement—can impact more than just your health; it can also impact your financial future. With every great break-through comes massive opportunity!

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